A Christmas EP

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Hello all!

It's been an exciting year with regards to my music journey and it wouldn't have been possible without all the wonderful people I have met! There were those who provided me with opportunities, those who gave me words of encouragement, those who supported me at my gigs, those who spent time watching my YouTube covers, and many many more... I really appreciate it!

To thank you for your support, I'm excited to release "A Christmas EP" which includes 3 Christmas classics that I really like. It's a stripped down version - just me playing the keyboard, and my voice! 

It's available for a free download or if you feel inclined to pay more, any amount I receive will go towards me making more new music and fun stuff for you!


为了表达我的谢意,非常高兴能将这个 Christmas EP 呈现给您~ 专辑里包括三首我本身非常喜欢的圣诞歌曲。呈现方式非常简单-纯粹钢琴伴奏和我的声音而已!保证您听了马上入睡!哈哈开玩笑,请把歌都听完了才睡哦~

EP 供大家免费下载,但如果您想付钱也可以哦~ 不管什么数目,都能帮助我把更多音乐带给你们!

With love,

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