Yokez in Hong Kong: Settling Down

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Hello from Hong Kong!!! I'm here at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) for a 5-week summer programme~ It's 10:40PM here and I'm already blogging on the first day of my trip hehehe! Efficient right =p I'll be blogging and vlogging regularly during the summer school so do check back my blog for updates!!

First, let me show you my pre-departure packing process!


How to pack your stuff easily - put everything in ziplock bags!

I put my towel at the bottom of the luggage, put my clothes on top and wrapped everything up! 

It looks quite neat here but when I opened the luggage in the dorm, everything was in a mess lolol


We departed from Singapore at 1.20PM via SQ~ Bought the tickets in April and each costs S$510.10!

I love plane food hehehe <3


Reached Hong Kong at 5pm and by the time we bought our SIM cards, octopus cards etc., it was time for dinner~ We had dinner at the airport's Crystal Jade! I think the food tastes the same as what we have in Singapore, the price was alright too~


Took the cab from the airport to CUHK (we're staying in Lee Woo Sing College) after dinner! The cab fare was around HK$275 I think, lesser than the HK$300 that was quoted by the school :)

40km omg, I don't think we'll ever encounter such a distance when taking a cab in Singapore =p Anyway there weren't much cars on the road and we reached the school in less than 30 minutes!

Honestly, the dorm really exceeded my expectations!! It's clean, there's air-conditioning, a fridge is provided, AND THE VIEW IS NICE! My room is facing the sea/river (?) and the night lights from the buildings are pretty too, lucky us!! :)

Alright, that's about it for day 1! So tired after a whole day of travelling; gonna rest early tonight! Bye~~

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